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Getting Your Garden Ready in The Spring

You’ve probably not had much work to do on your garden over the winter. Everything slows down, or stops altogether, leaving the garden more or less dormant for a few months. That all changes again when spring comes, though, as everything starts growing again. Spring is an important time for any garden, so it is best to be as prepared for it as possible. Here’s some tips on getting your garden ready when spring finally arrives.

Liquidambar Tree Lopping Job

Trees can be very long living, meaning that an individual specimen can be with multiple generations of a family. They can become an integral part of the family and the family home, often becoming a centrepiece of the garden. One family, though, decided to take it further and make a tree a centrepiece not just of the garden but of the house itself.

How to Prep for Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your compound is a decision that requires careful thought. The decision to bring down your tree could result from the risk of injury it poses to your family, or from the need to pave the way for construction. The tree removal process is meant to be hustle and risk-free. This is why hiring professionals is in your best interest. Together, you can decide on how, when, and the ideal approach to bring the tree down. The stages below will help you understand what to expect from a certified arborist.

7 Things you should Not Do to Trees

Choosing the right tree for your landscape and taking good care of them is one of the guaranteed ways of giving your compound a touch of class and elegance. There are hundreds of trees that you can plant, but the results mainly depend on how you take care of the trees.

Today, we look at the top seven things that you should not do to your landscaping trees.

The Best Fast Growing Shade Trees to Beat the Summer Sun

Most of us know that trees provide us with valuable oxygen. They also provide much needed shade in those long hot summers. Take a look around your yard. A shade tree or two can transform your garden area, making it an ideal place to sit and relax. Trees can also transform your property, altering its contours and filling it with bursts of colour. Shade trees are easy to grow too. Plant in the autumn and just keep them well watered in the first couple of years. What are best shade trees for your yard? Actually you are spoiled for choice. Here are six of the best

Top 8 Maintenance Steps You Need to do to Landscaping Trees

The journey to having the best landscaping trees is a long and slow one. Knowing what you need to do during every step of the way is essential to not only having healthy trees but also in helping the trees stay relevant and beautiful.

There is no question that a lot of maintenance goes into keeping a tree looking good but, you don’t need to be an expert or understand all the processes. There are the primary eight steps which, if done correctly, offer everything your tree needs for great results.

Consider the Following Factors to Select the Right Trees for your Landscape

Your landscape is one of the distinct sections of your home that make it unique from the rest of your neighborhood. Research studies have proven that homes with adequately maintained trees fetch high prices in the real estate market as compared to their counterparts. Therefore, if you are planning to sell your home in the near future, it is imperative to plant the right trees.

8 Factors that You Need to Consider Before Tree Removal

Having a tree in your landscape is incredible, especially if it serves the purpose that you planted it for, but there comes a time when you have to make the difficult decision to cut it. Due to the numerous precautionary measures and steps that have to be taken before the embarking on the cutting process, it is recommended to hire a professional tree removal company that is legally accredited to offer this service and has a good reputation in the market.

When Should You Have a Tree Removed from Your Property?

When it comes to removing a tree from your property, the choice can be hard and emotional. Since trees can live anywhere from 50 years to several thousand years, they are often a part of a family or community for many years, making them important to many people. Trees are mentally, physically, and emotionally beneficial but they can be extreme safety hazards, as well. All trees eventually become too old or dangerous to stay on a property, especially when they are around homes.



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