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Commercial Tree Maintenance

Tree Lopping in Perth, WA


Tree lopping can be defined as the removal of large sections of a tree, which usually involves cutting the branches or stems of a tree right back to a 'stub', or otherwise significantly shortening its trunks.


As in many other parts of the world, there are two main schools of thought regarding tree lopping in Perth. Whilst some will argue that it is absolutely necessary, especially in certain situations, others will endlessly debate that it should be avoided completely, and that any other methods available should be sought to solve the problem.

Those in favour of tree lopping will argue that large trees might need to be cut back from time to time to ensure that they don’t extend over a house or other structure in such a way as to cause damage or danger. A tree overhanging a building will drop leaves and branches down that can block the gutters and chimney. In severe weather, a tree like this can also break apart and cause danger and damage to the building and its occupants.

From an aesthetic point of view, many landscapers and gardeners will agree that tree lopping is an essential part of landscaping, as it can encourage the tree to develop to a preferred height, shape and overall look, as well as training branches to grow in the desired direction, and perhaps minimizing the chance that it will need more invasive lopping in the future to stay healthy.

However, those who are not fans of tree lopping often believe that it can create almost as many problems as it solves. This can be true in cases where the lopping is not performed carefully by an arborist, tree surgeon or other tree professional. In fact, if a tree is cut back in a random fashion, with no regard for its overall health and structure, the tree can end up with more damage than it started with. In severe cases, this can:

  • Lead to the tree’s shock, starvation, decay or even death;
  • Cause branches to grow back weakened, and not as sturdy as the rest of the tree. This can lead to a need for even more lopping as the weak new branches can rot or become hazardous in high winds more quickly;
  • Create dangerous hazards, usually if the tree is not proportionately trimmed, resulting in an imbalance of weight that leaves the tree susceptible to splitting or toppling;
  • Cause harm to the tree by exposing vulnerable parts of it to extremes in temperature, sunburn, and the likelihood of an insect infestation.


Tree lopping, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. A professional arborist or tree lopper, armed with the most up to date equipment, knowledge and skills, will never cause harm to a tree’s overall health through judicial trimming. In fact, an experienced tree cutter will in all likelihood improve the tree’s condition, and also extend its life expectancy, by doing a carefully planned and specialised job.

All Trees Perth proudly adheres to the Australian Code of Practice, the governing legislation with respect to tree lopping in Perth. As professionals, we fully appreciate how imperative it is that tree lopping in any Perth suburb be conducted in accordance with the in-depth guidelines set out in the Code.

In order for our tree loppers to do the best work they can, All Trees Perth only uses Stihl Power Tools. We can confidently say that Stihl chainsaws and equipment offer the most effective and reliable performance for helping us do our job. We have also invested in Stihl’s line of lithium battery powered chainsaws, for business such as golf courses, hospitals, horse farms, or other situations where a low level of noise and disruption are desirable during tree maintenance. Narrow access stump grinders (or Stump Humpers as we like to call them) and Bandit wood chippers are other preferred tools of our trade.

All Trees Perth takes great pride in our work and our ability to contribute to the health of the trees throughout Perth. We appreciate your confidence in us to care for your trees, gardens and properties. With each job we complete, we strive to employ the most efficient and least intrusive techniques to prune trees back to a healthy, attractive and well-maintained state. This involves carefully selecting and removing unwanted branches and limbs, which actually helps the tree to thrive and grow to its full potential.

If your tree is not serviced by a professional who has undergone extensive training and understands how to employ expert precision and judgment when cutting, irreversible damage to the health and aesthetics of the tree can be the unfortunate result. Once a tree has been damaged by unskilled lopping, it is usually just a matter of time before rot or disease sets in and the health and life of the tree are in real danger.

Although conceivably anyone with access to a ladder and a chainsaw can attempt to cut a tree, only professionally-trained tree loppers can ensure the process is carried out in a completely safe manner, and without causing threat to life, limb, or surrounding property. At All Trees Perth, we have over 12 years of tree lopping experience, and can therefore confidently say that every tree we service will be handled by professional members of our team with the most current knowledge and skills to ensure the ongoing health of your tree.

If a tree on your land has been designated as an Occupational Health and Safety issue, or hazardous to your property, we have the experience and skills to assess and neutralise the danger. If you've decided that you would like to investigate a different course of action other than tree lopping, our professional Perth tree surgeons are trained and equipped to educate you regarding  alternatives to lopping, such as pruning and tree removal. Simply give us a call on 0403 911 934, email us at, or request a convenient online quote by clicking here.  

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we do our best to ensure that all of our tree lopping and garden maintenance services are fairly and competitively priced, and we also offer a complete range of related tree care services, including pruningtree removalhedging and stump grinding.

With over 12 years of experience, our tree loppers in Perth are the very best around. Give your trees and gardens every advantage to stay healthy and beautiful for years to come. Contact All Trees Perth today on 0403 911 934 for a free quote!


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  • Highly professional, friendly, efficient, affordable and tidy! I recommend All Trees Perth to everyone, they did such a great job.

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  • Donny was on time, very professional, tidy and did a great job. I would have no issues recommending him to friends and family.

  • All Trees Perth removed a banksia for me, they were outstanding... they arrived on time, extremely efficient and friendly and removed the tree with the minimum of fuss. They were very safety conscious and had great equipment. They had a mulcher which recycled the whole tree. I would recommend their service to anyone.

  • Donny from All trees did an unreal job, it was clean and tidy and he did two days of solid job and cleared 1/4 acres of trees. He's also affordable in providing building supplies.

  • All Trees Perth did an excellent work for the tree pruning job and they cleaned up thoroughly. Donny and his coworkers were very professional. I will definitely use them again and I would recommend them to anybody.

  • I have very positive experience with All trees Perth. They were very professional and was also efficient with the tree lopping that they did for us. I am happy with their services. Clean, efficient work; friendly service and competitive quote. Highly recommended.

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