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How to Prep for Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your compound is a decision that requires careful thought. The decision to bring down your tree could result from the risk of injury it poses to your family, or from the need to pave the way for construction. The tree removal process is meant to be hustle and risk-free. This is why hiring professionals is in your best interest. Together, you can decide on how, when, and the ideal approach to bring the tree down. The stages below will help you understand what to expect from a certified arborist.

Knowing the Condition of the Tree

Ascertaining the tree’s condition determines the degree of effort required, the tools to be used, and the expected time the entire process will take. For example, healthy trees are well rooted thus, stronger tools and more time will be required to cut the tree. Weaker trees, on the other hand, are less firm and easy to bring down. Knocking on the tree’s bark and checking out for a hollow sound serves as part of understanding the tree’s condition. This information formulates the arborist’s choices of handling the work at hand

Equipment Preparation

tree removal

You will see arborists prepare their gear to bring down the tree. There are several essential tools and protective gear the professionals have. A ladder, a chainsaw, an axe, a rope, gloves, a helmet, and protective glasses and any other tools that may come in handy. Professionals will conduct a pre-run check of their gadgets. This way, any faulty equipment will be discovered on the onset before work on the tree commences. The pre-run is ideal to help reduce the risk of accidents resulting from defective equipment.

Yard Cleaning

Tree removal


The perfect working area is free of personal property and one that can accommodate a falling tree. As such, personal property should be removed from the site. The team will determine a suitable working area, to drop and cut the tree. The clearing should be preferably twice the height of the tree. If this is not possible, the tree can be cut in sections.

It should be expected that the arborist will formulate at least two escape routes. The first accommodates an exit for when the tree falls in the expected direction. The second acts as an exit route if the tree should fall in an unplanned direction.

Trees should not only be cut when they grow old or in situations when you are planning for construction. Other conditions like changing weather patterns, create the need for involving arborists in your compound. Storms are becoming a concern and especially for areas bordering the ocean. It is prudent to have professional arborists assess your tree’s condition regularly.

Features That Increase a Tree’s Susceptibility to Storm Damage

The crew may notice the following scenarios and thus inform the need to have the tree brought down.

• Tree rot that is visible in the roots, the tree’s bark or branches.

• Falling branches, and visible cracks on the larger branches. Ideally, good branches incline at 2 O’clock or 10 O’clock angles.

• Eroding soil around the tree.

How to Identify and Hire a Professional Arborist

Someone with a truck, a chainsaw, and a company title can masquerade as a professional tree handler. The cheap rates might be attractive enough for you to consider them. The downside of hiring such individuals is evident in the poor job they do, the cost of property damage they leave behind or worse, injuries to individuals on the site. You may have to bear this situation if you hire them. Here are a few tips to ensure you get a professional crew on the job.

  • Look for companies with insurance coverage for property damage, personal injury, and worker’s compensation.
  • Ask for references from friends, or family.
  • Have the contract from the professional evaluated by a lawyer before signing. This way, you ensure that your interests are secured.
  • Other services the certified arborists may offer. Arborists offer a myriad of other services related to tree care other than chopping them down.
  • Tree removal, which is an action of last resort. Arborists can provide the best advice on whether the circumstances call for tree removal.
  • Pruning – they can determine the pruning requirements of your tree to improve its appearance, health and safety.
  • Emergency tree care – professionally done tree care management goes a long way in reducing the risk of damage to property and injury.

The risks of chopping down a tree on your own out way the benefits. Therefore, get in touch with a certified professional to solve your tree needs.


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