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Pruning and Lopping

Tree Pruning Services In Perth, WA

Not only do we understand the importance of tree pruning and the essential part it plays in tree health. We guarantee that our tree pruning services in Perth are conducted with the upmost professionalism to ensure the safety of you, your property and everyone on it.


In order to improve the health of a plant, bush or tree, is it essential to prune. Pruning is the strategic removal of part of the plant, in order to let it thrive. It’s vital that pruning is done at the right time, using the right technique and in accordance to the plants specific structure and growth habits. If a plant is pruned improperly it can cause lasting negative effects which range from stunted growth, failure to produce to significantly shortening its lifespan. This is why it’s imperative that pruning is conducted by an expert.

Thankfully, at All Trees Perth, we're the experts in tree pruning services and offer a complete garden experience. This includes tree pruning, cutting and trimming services for Perth and its surrounding suburbs.


  1. Ensure plant longevity and health
  2. Correct irregular growing habits
  3. Encourage an earlier bloom
  4. Increase the quantity of fruit/flowers


Pruning isn’t as simple as it may seem and there are many factors to consider to ensure the longevity of your tree. Leave the pruning to the experts and call us for all your tree cutting, trimming and pruning services. Our tree professionals know just the tricks to have your garden thriving in no time at all.

At All Trees Perth, our experienced team provide tree pruning services across the Perth metro area. We're able to prune your trees at the right time, the right way and most importantly, educate you on how best to maintain your trees and garden.

Our tree pruning services are completed safely and professionally by our expert team who have over 12 years of industry experience. We can take care of everything from tree pruning right through to hedging, stump grinding, tree removal, power line clearance and more. When you choose All Trees Perth it means choosing a complete garden package, inclusive of clean-up.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient, affordable and quality services. For a free quote or to speak to one of our friendly staff, contact us today or call us on 0403 911 934.


What They Said About Us

  • Highly professional, friendly, efficient, affordable and tidy! I recommend All Trees Perth to everyone, they did such a great job.

  • Donny is highly professional, motivated, friendly and made the impossible task a breeze! Thanks Donny for the outstanding job! Would highly recommend to others!

  • Donny & his team were amazing. Competitive quote and a highly efficient service. Job was done swiftly & professionally! Would recommend to friends and family! Happy to support a WA family run business!

  • Donny was on time, very professional, tidy and did a great job. I would have no issues recommending him to friends and family.

  • All Trees Perth removed a banksia for me, they were outstanding... they arrived on time, extremely efficient and friendly and removed the tree with the minimum of fuss. They were very safety conscious and had great equipment. They had a mulcher which recycled the whole tree. I would recommend their service to anyone.

  • Donny from All trees did an unreal job, it was clean and tidy and he did two days of solid job and cleared 1/4 acres of trees. He's also affordable in providing building supplies.

  • All Trees Perth did an excellent work for the tree pruning job and they cleaned up thoroughly. Donny and his coworkers were very professional. I will definitely use them again and I would recommend them to anybody.

  • I have very positive experience with All trees Perth. They were very professional and was also efficient with the tree lopping that they did for us. I am happy with their services. Clean, efficient work; friendly service and competitive quote. Highly recommended.

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