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5 Winter Pruning Mistakes to Avoid As We Head Into Winter in Australia

Anybody experienced with maintaining their garden or other outdoor spaces will tell you that trees need just as much maintenance as any other plant. While they may look durable and sturdy, Trees can become overgrown, unstable and sometimes unsightly to look at. This is where regular pruning and maintenance comes into play, however, during winter in Australia, it can be difficult to tell what work is needed and what to avoid. Well here are some helpful tips so you know what to stay away from to help keep your trees looking great all year round.

1.      Cutting too close to the trunk of the tree

Winter is a time when trees limit their growth in order to survive due to lower sunlight levels. This is why they lose their leaves during autumn. If you have to prune one of the branches of your tree to close to the trunk, be sure not to cut it completely flush with the trunk. Your trees branches have something called a “bark collar” near where the branch meets the trunk, this provides natural protection against infection and parasites and it is advised you cut before this point.

2.      Topping

So one day during winter, when all of the leaves have fallen from your tree, you look at it and think “it looks too tall, and now is the easiest time to cut the top of to make it shorter”. Do not do this as your tree will enter a form of shock to rapidly repair the damage done, resulting in unsightly bushy growth. It is recommended that you seek the services of a qualified tree surgeon if you want this work undertaken.

3.      Damaging Bark

Now comparative to the human body, the bark of a tree is essentially the same as your skin and performs the same basic functions. Namely to keep out unwanted parasites and infections. Ripping the bark of your tree during heavy branch removal is essentially the same thing as ripping your skin off and it is to be avoided at all costs.

4.      Not Removing Branch Stubs

When you trim a branch, it is essential that you trim the branch as close to, but not over, the bark collar of the individual branch that we discussed earlier. If you leave a short piece of the branch protruding from the collar then the tree Is unable to properly heal the branch and in turn, unable to grow it back properly. Find an online tutorial to help you repair these “stub cuts”.

5.      Waiting Too Long To Call A Pro

If you encounter a problem you cannot resolve with your knowledge of tree maintenance, it is essential that you call a qualified arborist in order to diagnose and treat the problem. As with the medical treatment of a human or an animal, the earlier the problem is resolved, the less permanent damage is caused. Please follow this link to our blog for more information about All Trees Perth!



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