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Interesting Facts About Trees

Trees are one of the most important organisms in the eco system. They help create a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Trees absorb carbon emitted into the atmosphere, helping keep the air clean. Trees also are habitats for millions of organisms, as well as food. Trees give the environment a calming effect, and they’re planted near businesses and homes for their aesthetic value.

Trees have endless amazing qualities. This article, however, discusses a few of those facts.


Trees Can Live For Centuries

Did you know that trees can outlive human generations? Indeed, they’re the longest living organisms. The oldest recorded tree is the Great Basin Bristle Pine, in California. This tree is estimated to be 5064 years. Five centuries! One might be even tempted to ask whether or not trees die from old age. Well, trees, just like people don’t technically die from old age, but from other from factors associated with old age e.g. many wounds, inability to heal fast, or failure to get nutrients from the soil. However, a dead tree can remain standing for 10-20 years, still supporting a huge variety of microorganisms.

The Hyperion tree is the tallest tree known. Apart from a few scientists, its location remains unknown, for fear of destruction by humans.


Dead Trees Emit Carbon

Dead trees, just like any other organisms release stored carbon back into the atmosphere.  Mature trees sometimes reach a stage whereby a lot of the tree is decomposing; hence the carbon absorbed equals the carbon emitted from decomposition. It's therefore important to harvest trees before death. Tree harvesting might require expert help, which can be gotten from


Trees Heal Themselves.

Trees heal themselves, well not healing per se, but limiting damage through a process called Codit. The tree does this by isolating the injured part from the rest of the tree.  The tree produces a thick substance called callus or wound wood, which covers the damaged part, hence preventing further infections.

Small branches- less than two inches in diameter usually heal faster than thick branches. They are also at a less risk for infection and decay. It is for this reason that trees should be fashioned to their final desired shape when still young.

Tree trimming and pruning help in promoting healthy growth of the tree; this also increases productivity and life span of the tree, as well as preventing later injury from breakage of weak branches.

Tree Chair


Palm Tree Wonder

Did you know that the tallest palm tree can grow over 197 high feet? Palm trees have over 2500 known species and are grown for fruits, e.g., coconuts and dates, or for aesthetic purposes around living areas. Palm trees have been around for centuries and have been symbolic to humans, even from biblical times. In fact, the Christian ‘’Palm Sunday’’ originates from when Jesus walked on palm leaves when heading to Jerusalem.

Worlds Tallest Palms

Palm trees grown for beauty often need some pruning and trimming to remove dead leaves and keep them looking beautiful and green. However, palm tree trimming is potentially risky to the trimmer, with cases of death being reported. These cases usually happen when the trimmer trims the fronds (leaves) from below, rather than above. The fronds pile up on the tree, and when they can't withstand the weight anymore, they collapse and slide down on the climber, immobilizing him or her, and causing suffocation. This job, therefore, requires professional help to avoid accidents. See more here


Trees Protect Themselves

When trees get attacked by organisms such as insects, they release phollics, a chemical that puts off the insects. Additionally, when a single tree gets attacked, it releases chemicals into the atmosphere, which trigger a self-defense mechanism for other trees, hence even whole forests can be protected from insect attacks.


About Pine Trees

Pine trees grow in all six continents but Antarctica. The pine tree remains green all year round, and it is for this reason that it is China’s symbol of everlasting friendship. The sugar pine species produces the hugest cones, which can reach up to 23 inches in length, and five inches in diameter.


Tree of Death

The most poisonous tree is the Manchineel tree, of the spurge family, found in South America. All parts of the tree contain poison, and something as small as standing beneath the tree when it is raining can cause blistering. The sap of this tree is reported to damage car paint. Eating the fruit of this tree leads to fatal effects and even death.


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