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Consider the Following Factors to Select the Right Trees for your Landscape

Your landscape is one of the distinct sections of your home that make it unique from the rest of your neighborhood. Research studies have proven that homes with adequately maintained trees fetch high prices in the real estate market as compared to their counterparts. Therefore, if you are planning to sell your home in the near future, it is imperative to plant the right trees.

Different Tree Sizes for Landscaping

Unlike other landscaping plants, trees can live from one generation to another if well taken care of. Today, we will look at seven essential factors that you need to consider when selecting trees for your landscape.

What are The Reasons or Underlying Purposes?

Homeowners have different reasons for growing certain types of trees in their landscape. If you want a tree that will provide shade for your family, consider going for the deciduous trees. If you live in a densely populated area, you can choose a tree that can act as a natural barrier for extra privacy. Have a list of the reasons and use it to compare and contrast the characteristics of the various trees that grow well in your locality.

Lighting Conditions in your Yard

Trees need ample light to grow optimally. Without enough light, certain essential biological processes such as photosynthesis will be hampered. Certain trees only require a few hours of sunlight while others need at least 7 hours of natural sunlight to thrive. Based on these facts, it is essential to consider the amount of light available in your outdoor space to choose tree species that can do well in such conditions.

Available Planting Space

Make sure that your yard can offer ample space for the trees that you intend to plant. Do extensive research online and offline to know the average height and spread/canopy upon maturity of every tree in your list. As you do the evaluation, consider underground utilities and connections such as electricity and gas lines as well as proximity to the streets. Ideally, the trees should be at least 10-16 feet away from the foundation of your house.

Garden Landscape with Tree

Soil Fertility

Some trees grow well in acidic soils while others require saline soils. It is recommended to carry out soil fertility tests to know the condition of the soil before planting the trees. This will help you to know if you need to apply fertilizers and other inputs to make the soil conducive for the trees that you intend to plant. A professional tree service company can help you choose tree species that resonates with the fertility of the soil in your yard.

Tree Growth Speed

How long will the tree take to fully mature and start providing shade or producing flowers? Knowing the amount of time that the tree will take to grow and mature fully will help you to make an informed decision. Go for the fast-growing species if you want trees that will bloom quickly. On the other hand, if you are not in any hurry, you can opt for the vast array of slow-growing trees in the market.

It is important to note that the fast-growing trees require more attention as they tend to have aggressive roots that spread wide in search of nutrients to support the fast metabolic processes. Most of them also develop weak branches and so you might need to hire a professional tree lopping service provider to cut off the weak branches regularly.

Disease and Pest Resistance

The first thing that you need to know is that no tree species is immune to diseases and pests. However, there are some that are more prone to pests and require continuous assessment. Consider choosing trees that are less susceptible to both pests and diseases to save time and money on maintenances and other additional expenses.

Evergreen vs. Deciduous Trees

One of the main reasons why you have decided to plant trees is to enhance the beauty and elegance of your landscape. Most of the common landscaping trees fall into two categories - evergreen and deciduous. Deciduous trees such as downy serviceberry and trident maple are an ideal choice if you are looking for trees that will color your landscape during the fall season. Evergreen trees retain their beautiful green color throughout the year can act as natural backdrops for ornamental grasses.


Final Thoughts

The growth of the trees and the impact that they will have on your landscape is dependent on the manner in which that you take care of them. It is recommended to hire a professional tree pruning company to ensure that they grow in the right shape and size. The professionals will also give insider tips on how to take care of them to get maximum benefits.


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