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8 Factors that You Need to Consider Before Tree Removal

Having a tree in your landscape is incredible, especially if it serves the purpose that you planted it for, but there comes a time when you have to make the difficult decision to cut it. Due to the numerous precautionary measures and steps that have to be taken before the embarking on the cutting process, it is recommended to hire a professional tree removal company that is legally accredited to offer this service and has a good reputation in the market.

Tree Removal Hurdles WA

Today, we look at eight essential factors that you need to consider before tree removal to avoid unnecessary hurdles down the road.

Local Council Regulations

Before you get in touch with the tree service company, contact the local council to know if you need to get a permit to remove the tree from your yard. Familiarize yourself with the regulations and adhere to all of them to avoid legal tussles.

Environmental Impact

In the current wake of climate change and global warming, experts’ advice homeowners to plant trees in their properties to combat the adverse effects. Apart from providing shade, trees offer numerous environmental health benefits from preventing soil erosion, promoting soil fertility, to absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is therefore advisable to seek an arborist report to know the impact that the tree has on the local ecosystem. This report will help you make the final decision as well as provide alternatives.

Electrical Hazards

One of the risks associated with tree lopping and pruning is electrocution. The branches may come into contact with the electrical wires as the tree service company cuts the branches. Therefore, it is vital that you consider the electrical hazards of avoiding fires and other unfortunate incidents. Contact the power company a few days before the big day to disconnect the wires.  

Falling Branches

To minimize damage and ease the tree removal process, professional tree service providers will first cut the branches before embarking on the trunk. It is not usually possible to predict the direction that the branches will fall when cut. As a result, it is essential to make sure that you get rid of items such as toys around the targeted tree to avoid any form of damage.

Property Damage

If the tree you intend to remove overhangs your neighbor’s property, the risk of property damage when either pruning the branches or cutting the trunk is quite high. You should consider contacting your neighbor and informing them of your intentions to remove the tree to make the necessary arrangements. Such delicate projects should be handled by experts who have the necessary skills, expertise, and equipment.

Doing it yourself will double the risk of damage and you will be solely responsible for any damage to the property that arises. Well, insurance companies do offer policies that cover properties from tree damage, but, rest assured that your claim will be denied if you fail to hire an expert tree removal company and opt to do it yourself knowing very well that you do not have the necessary accreditation.

Waste Disposal

How are you going to dispose of the tree branches, leaves, trunk, and other forms of debris? Contact the local waste management company to help you dispose of this waste in an environmentally friendly way. You can also use the trunk for other purposes such as creating a wooden playhouse for your kinds or a wooden fence or barrier around your kitchen garden. There is no shortage of ideas on what you can do with the trunks instead of disposing of them away to rot.

Consider Other People that May be Affected

Apart from the impact that tree removal will have on your property, you also need to consider other people who may be affected either directly or indirectly. You may be putting your neighbors’ pets and even family at risk. Therefore, you should request your preferred tree company to evaluate the risks and come up with an ideal plan to complete the mission without damaging the property and the surroundings.

Hire a Licensed and Accredited Tree Service Company

The government has put in place bodies whose primary role is to ensure that all tree service companies abide by the stipulated rules and regulations. Only those that meet the set guidelines are issued with accreditation documents.

The bottom line is that; you should only entrust the tree removal process to a tree service company that is legally accredited and has a good reputation in the market to get value for every dollar that you spend on the service as well as avoid unnecessary challenges after service delivery. Also, inquire if the company offers powerline clearance service to eliminate electric hazards.


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